Never Underestimate Pasar

Last weekend I went to Lembang with my parents for a short holiday. Before we leaving to Jakarta, as usual, we would go to Bandung first. My mom’s destination always Pasar Baru Bandung, where there are so many Malaysians and textiles and as usual, I don’t really interested with textiles and cloths.

Arrived at Pasar Baru, my dad’s car was parked at P7, so we decided to go to the ground level first.

At the ground level, there were so many kios selling clothes. Suddenly, I found some shop selling knit apparel for only IDR 50k. Just bought one because I didn’t bring my purse to Lembang ;__:

When I rechecked the label of the cardigan I’ve bought, I found that the cardi is from a big clothing label in Japan, Earth Beauty&Ecololgy. The more shocking fact I found, is that the cardi I got is exactly the same cardi wore by Japanese Actress Aoi Miyazaki. O.O”

I should never underestimate Pasar.


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